Masters Seminar in Vegas!

If you’ve never attended an internet marketing seminar before, or would like to attend a super fun one, why not join me in Vegas in January? I’ll be co-hosting the Masters Seminar with Ross Goldberg in just a couple months, and we have an amazing line-up of speakers.

In addition, we have literally a TON of VIP attendees to maximize your networking. From the first internet marketing seminar that I attended, I create several partnerships that literally are priceless (well, some might have a price tag of multiple six figures, but priceless in the long run).

Check it out now and order now before the price goes up:

And yes, if you attend there, PLEASE send me an e-mail and tell me a bit about yourself. I love meeting new marketers and others wanting to get into the field. Plus, Vegas is surely to be a blast for all.

At the last seminar I attended, a group of us were up until 5 AM playing poker while creating some awesome JV deals at the same time. Throw Vegas into that, and surely I’ll have stories ten times better. :)