About Brian Koz

Brian Koz is a serial entrepreneur responsible for several six and seven figure businesses over the years.  He’s the founder of WebFire.com, the leading SEO and traffic membership site with tens of thousands of users and dozens of tools to help businesses get more traffic, rankings, leads, exposure, and sales online.


Brian, along with his partner, Shawn Casey, are also the owners of PayDotCom.com, which is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks with over 890,000 registered affiliates and vendors.  Combined, Shawn and Brian have sold to hundreds of thousands of customers over the years.

Brian also runs a top software firm that has multiple patents pending on brand new technologies like artificial intelligence to research and write content, AI to help find prospects, and all sorts of cutting edge tools and developments.

He’s also been featured in a variety of media outlets (including a recent story about how he built a business from $0 to over $1.2 million in under 8 months time starting from scratch).  He’s also helped countless business owners over the year (including one client that credited Brian with helping him land a million dollar deal off one lead).

Brian’s also a four time international bestselling author, has spoken around the world (even sharing the stage with President Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, etc.), and has won several internet marketing awards like the Best Marketer award in 2013 and 2014.

For questions on any of his products or businesses, you can reach his support at support[at]webfire.com.  For inquiries about speaking, PR, or anything else, you can reach Brian at brian[at]webfire.com.