Monday, January 18, 2010

Sub-Domain vs. Standard Domain -- SEO Debate

I've seen a lot of debates about whether using a sub-domain ( vs. a standard domain name ( has any benefit over the other search engine ranking wise.

I'm willing to bet that 95% of the people behind these debates haven't done any testing for themselves and are either repeating what they heard elsewhere (from people who haven't done any testing) or just flat out making assumptions. Well, I thought I'd take a few moments to tell you a bit about some testing that I've done and what my own conclusions are.

For those of you just looking for a quick answer as to which is better, it depends ... so read on to get my thoughts and test results on it... :)

To clarify how I did this test, I took a few blogs in a related niche -- some new, some old -- and did a new blog post on each of them targeting a few of the same keywords. I also divided up the groups so that each group had an even number of old vs. new sites as well as an even number of low and higher page rank.

I then did my normal SEO routine of optimizing the posts, pinging the sites, etc. and the test was to see which ones got 1) ranked the fastest (appeared somewhere in Google or Yahoo) and 2) got ranked the highest for the keywords that I was targeting.

For the sub-domains, half of them were blogger blogs ([some name] while half were on domains that I owned. I then compared the two different types of sub-domains, sub-domains vs. normal domains as a whole, new vs. old sites, and low vs. high (by high, I mean more than a pagerank of 2 -- most in the test were 3 or 4 -- , low is pagerank of 2 or less).

Here's what I found:

1. New vs. Old -- regardless of the domain type used, the older, more established sites tended to get ranked faster (some within minutes compared to others taking several hours to a day or more). For my own domain names and sub-domain names on my own domain names, there wasn't really a significant difference -- maybe a slight edge to the normal domain names. However, there were some interesting exceptions that will be brought up in a later point here...

2. Low vs. High PageRank -- as what would be assumed, the higher pagerank sites tended to perform better. An edge was given to the normal domain names vs. the sub domain names. However, like before, there were some interesting exceptions (yeah yeah, I'm getting to those exceptions).

3. Sub-Domain Names vs. Normal Domain Names as a Whole -- this is where it gets interesting. I found that on the newer sites, if the sub-domain name was on my own domain name, they performed far less as well as my new normal domain names. They took longer to show up in the search engines, didn't rank as well, etc.. With the older, more established sites, the discrepancy between the two wasn't as bad, but there was still an edge to the normal domain names when comparing my own domains to my own sub-domain names on a domain that I owned. But like before, there was a HUGE exception that I'll explain in my next point...

4. Comparing different Types of Sub Domain Names -- This is where the interesting results came in that shattered a lot of the advice that I've seen out there on internet marketing forums and other blogs...

My own sub-domain names (regardless if they were new or more established) didn't even compare to blogger blog sub-domain names (, which you can sign up for free at The blogger blog sub-domain names beat them hands down every time in every aspect possible -- they ranked MUCH faster (literally within minutes after pinging them), MUCH higher (I was grabbing top rankings on a variety of keywords -- to be fair, they weren't the most competitive keywords, but they were still decent keywords), and seemed to stick for much longer.

That was a hunch that I had because I've seen blogger blogs doing exceptionally well, especially after some minor tweaks that I did (to be fair, comparable tweaks were done on the non-blogger-blogs).

My theory is that when super well established and known sites like or are out there, the sub-domain names feed off of the main domain name's credibility. Now, this makes perfect sense to most people when they consider a site like, as has a lot more control over their sub-domain names (you'll notice that they have sub-domain names ranking well for almost anything online). However, blogger blogs anyone can sign up for for free, so some might argue that it'd be dumb for them to feed off of the established name. Well, I put that to the test, and found that it appears to still help significantly.

In fact, that brings me to another interesting point...

5. Blogger blogs as a sub-domain to (blogger's standard format) outperformed the standard domain names, even if the standard domain name WAS a blogger blog!

This means that it wasn't something with the way the blogger blog was setup or optimized (as a standard domain name using the blogger script still got beat out by the blogger sub-domain name). The interesting part was that even newer sub-domain blogger blogs seemed to outperform the more established and older domain names.

And upon further review, the brand new blogger blogs weren't performing as fast or as good as ones that were a little more established, but they were still both doing quite well.

So in conclusion, the sub-domain blogger blog kicked butt compared to normal domain names (including highly optimized WordPress blogs), other sub-domain names, and even normal domains run by blogger!

***What Should You Do?***

Well, that all depends. This test doesn't mean that you should go run out right now, ditch all your other sites, and move everything to blogger. I have many non-blogger sites that rank extremely well (many of which took a long time to gain #1 rankings for competitive keywords), and I don't plan on moving those over for a variety of reasons.

First, you got to ask yourself what your goal is -- if your goal is to start up a new site just to get quick rankings fast with no other goal in mind, then blogger blogs might be your best bet.

If your goal is to get ranked and make sales off that site, you probably still want to get a standard domain name -- it not only looks more professional, but a good domain name can bring a ton of repeat traffic if it's easy to brand and rememberable.

Remember, getting ranked in Google (which, by the way, was much easier in my testing compared to Yahoo) isn't all there is to making money off of a website.

And for those of you that remember my blog back in the old days, I actually ran it off of a sub-domain name, and I experienced super awesome and super fast rankings after some minor tweaks to the blogger code. You might ask why I switched it to the domain (it's still run by blogger), and that's simply because I found it better for branding and people searching for me respected that domain a lot more than some one.

Hah, in fact, I was questioned on more than one occasion about why I didn't spend $7 on a good domain name for it originally, and my response always was "I'm already ranking very well for a variety of keywords that I'm targeting" or "I just don't focus on my blog and never bothered to switch it."

But once I did switch it over to, even after quite awhile, I did notice that it wasn't quite as easy ranking for a lot of the keywords as it was before -- even after quite awhile. Again, it's not horrible, but there's definitely a difference.

So, if you're looking for quick rankings for some fast, immediate traffic without caring as much about the branding, go with sub-domains. If you're looking to make sales off your website or brand it more, go with a normal domain name.

And just for the sake of pointing out how easy it can be to make money online, my "simple" sub-domain name had some posts that literally did hundreds to even thousands of dollars in sales off of just a few minutes of work all because of the fast and high rankings. Not bad for a crappy blogspot blog when it was first starting out years ago, eh? :)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay, seriously, I need to update this

Okay, so apparently it's a bad idea to have a partly done ... partly not done blog up for all to see for so long, eh?

As you can probably tell, I got the brilliant idea of putting up this blog quite awhile ago, but after getting halfway done with the redesign (not the graphic designers fault -- I just shifted gears to much larger priorities), I kind of left it up without doing much to it or updating it. However, I'm determined to change this up again and get it going with more posts and tips ... especially because I keep getting Googled and it's embarrassing that people find me this way. :)

I'll post some seriously wicked stuff here in the coming week, so stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leads Pro Alert Overview --

If you haven't heard about it yet, you need to stop by Leads Pro Alert to see how you could get daily targeted leads already asking to buy your products and services.

Leads Pro Alert is a cool new membership that we released that allows you to get all sorts of leads and see inside the minds of people already looking to buy from you. Whether you're looking to be a middleman for a service or product, do affiliate marketing, try out CPA, build a mailing list, etc., you need to check this out.

There's nothing else out there like this, and being able to get alerts in real time to new leads online that are interested in your products or services is extremely powerful.

You can use this to find buyers for your products/services, find potential jv/affiliate partners, find business partners, do market research, find places to leave backlinks or comments to your sites (to help with SEO / rankings in search engines), and more.

On top of offering a variety of default lead sources that we consider to be the best of the best, we also allow you the chance to add your own lead source to search virtually any URL or website out there for even more leads.

Check out

Friday, April 10, 2009

So SteveO thinks this site looks like a porn site...

So recently I got some feedback from a blog reader named SteveO who thought that this blog looked a little too much like a porn site. As much as I wanted to disagree with him, I had to admit that I definitely need to touch things up!

You see, when I was having this new blog designed, I had my graphics guy do a bunch of changes and never really finalized several parts of it. As such, I have three pictures of myself all over (I feel narcissistic having so many all over now) ... and at least one of them does look a little too porn-like for my tastes ... and the one on the right just looks creepy ... so I think I'll have to get that changed around, as well as take out several other unfinished parts of this blog.

Once that's done, that might make me less embarrassed to post here more again. :)

I should get back to offering the latest reviews, tips, and so forth on this blog.

So thank you, SteveO, for mentioning that to me. And I hope you didn't get too much enjoyment out of this blog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Product Launch Formula 2 -- Cash Bonus

I'm sure many of you have gotten a ton of e-mails today on Product Launch Formula 2. PLF has been a must read for any online business, while PLF2 covers tons of new information that you can't be without

Not only does Product Launch Formula 2 come with a ton of bonuses (including the original PLF), but I'm including some insane bonus options below. I know many of you have gotten tons of "crap offers" for bonuses from other marketers, and I also know that many of you have different wants and needs. As such, I'm giving you a couple options to choose from (one of these is a HUGE opportunity that is worth far more than the price of PLF2).

Here are my bonus options if you use my affiliate link:

Bonus Option 1: $500 cash refund (I know some of you hate bonuses, so hopefully this is an appealing option for you). This is to be paid via Paypal after the refund period is over.

Bonus Option 2: 100 professionally written articles on ANY topic of your choice by my team of U.S. writers. These guys write top notch articles, have degrees, and have proven track records for writing for web content, SEO, or any type of article or review you want. For the same quality articles, you'd easily be paying at least $2,000 for this alone.

Bonus Option 3 (MY FAVORITE): $250 cash refund AND guaranteed access into my exclusive apprentice program where you will not only help me launch one of my new products with a couple other apprentices, but you'll also be a part of the decision making AND you'll get a cut of the profits. I'll fund the entire thing from the copywriting, web design, and product creation -- you'll help with the decisions, the launch, etc. You'll not only get to see the inner workings of how to research, create, and launch a product, but you'll get a cut of the profits as well. If you want in on this, you have to have at least five hours a month free to discuss the various parts of this (we'll use parts of PLF and PLF2 obviously to help us). If you have more time available, there will be positions within the program for larger cuts. Best of all, for the few hours I'm asking you to help, you'll not only walk away with a cut of the profits, but you'll also get the $250 for your time.

However, if you want any of these bonuses you MUST use my affiliate link below before purchasing Product Launch Formula 2 and it must go through. Be sure to clear your cookies to make sure that it does, and then e-mail me to let me know that you're in and which option you'd like best.

I'm super excited for those doing option 3, as I already have a handful of lucrative products and ideas lined up for those who are in it.

To your success,

Brian Koz

P.S. Seriously, Product Launch Formula 2 is not only offering a 100% money back guarantee, but they're throwing in an extra $500 if you can show that it just didn't work for you.

P.P.S. Although I'm giving you a few bonus options, I encourage you to really consider the third one. I know it'll be a blast and an awesome learning experience for you. Heck, where else can you get a learning experience and an apprentice program that PAYS YOU!?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Relationship Advice for More $$$

First, I want to wish those of you celebrating it a big happy Valentine's Day! I hope all of you taken guys and gals are enjoying your time with your significant others.

And now, I want to say that if you read this whole e-mail, you'll walk away with one of the biggest secrets in this industry.

Since V-day is all about love and relationships, I thought I'd share a bit of free advice (yep, no promo here) of how you can successfully use relationships to get more money.
In fact, I think that's one of the easiest ways to get more money is to know who and how to get the right business relationships with.

I've seen way too many people go about this wrong. Whether it be in finding potential business partners, finding JV partners, etc..

Too many people will often just look at how the other individual can benefit them, and not enough about how they can benefit the other person! Even when some people think that they're benefiting the other person, they usually have a twisted view of it that won't get them anywhere.
It kind of reminds me of some average joe going after a rich, sexy super model.

Sure, everyone may want that rich, sexy super model, and we all know what that person could do for you. But do you honestly think if you tell them that you can give them lots of love in return that they'll just jump right onboard to get in a relationship with you? No!

And with JV partners and business partners, it's the same way, especially if they're already very successful. Why would they partner with you just for a normal affiliate cut when they can be a JV for ANY product and get the same (if not more) money? You don't stand out.

But don't worry, there's hope! Listen up, here's the big secret to exploding your online profits (notice there's not an affiliate link here or any link?): either find partners at the same level as you or offer larger names something that will REALLY benefit them.

Think you can't do it? Think again!

There are tons of marketers out there that are at the exact same level as you. Find them, team with them, and stay together over time and you'd be surprised and what you can accomplish together.

If you're looking to partner up with a larger name on your product, don't just come to them with an idea -- come to them with a finished product, proof that there's a market for it, and a willingness to do anything that they want to bring in to market for you (and offer them a substantial cut of the profits). Be willing to accept that you might not be able to call the shots, but know that you WILL stand out to them for this.

Want to keep it all to yourself because you think it's the "next big thing?" Fine, but you better be able to market it, form all those JV relationships that you need, etc. just as good too. If you don't, that next big thing will be taken up by someone else or will forever just remain an idea.
Believe me, when I get a JV request, I'll look at it and see what I can do if I think it's a quality product, if it fits what my list is looking for, and if I don't have to spend a ton of time figuring out what the product even is. However, if someone approached me with an offer of a partnership and I could see that they were willing to work, you bet I'd be interested! Or even if it's just a JV request, if I see someone going out of their way to make my life easier just to consider their product, you can bet that I'm more than happy to do so. Others will too.

And you don't have to go to the biggest guy out there. If there are things you need to do but can't, find the right people to team up with who can, be generous to them, and you'll start finding more success and more money in no time.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

One of the Easiest Paths to JV Success and Making Money Online

Many of you probably know that perhaps the hardest part about making money online isn't coming up with a good product, sales copy, or website graphics ... it's getting JV partners, forming business relationships, and all about getting the people who can help you make more money to actually help you.

Well, I'm about to share with you one of the biggest tips I have that have led to a lot of my own online successes.

Too many people go about forming business partnerships the wrong way (whether you're looking for more JV partners to promote your own stuff or finding the right partners who can help bring your idea to life). They'll only focus on what OTHERS can do for them. The key is to also focus on what YOU can do for OTHERS.

I'll say that once more. Before you go trying to see what others can do for you, try to see what you can do for them.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a huge list, no marketing experience, etc.. If you can offer something that makes their lives easier, brings them the potential for more money, or helps them in any other way, you'll stand out and will be much more likely to be considered.

If you just go up to them, ask them to promote your product or partner with you without laying out how you can REALLY help them, you'll probably never be able to land a good partnership.

And let's be realistic with ourselves here too -- you don't want to offer them something that you realistically can't do. I've seen complete newcomers talk about how if a big name JV's with them, the big name will benefit by making soooooooo much money from them.

Let's get real. They can make money off of any product they promote. How are you different?

Or I'll see people wanting to partner up on a project, but the only thing they'll bring to the table is an idea. Let's get real again. Am I or anyone else going to want to waste time, money, etc. on something and share the profit with you if all you do is come up with an idea?

Give them a product instead of just an idea, offer to do the manual labor, etc. and you'll surely get MUCH more attention and be much more likely to land a successful business partnership.

So change your thinking to reflect this and start making some serious dough.