Surprising Results from Co-reg Leads

I was shocked the other day. Literally, I was blown away at how well some of the lists we have going at Co-op Lists were performing. I know I know … why would I be shocked if I knew it was a great deal?

Well, I knew that we had top of the line co-reg leads (and direct sign-ups), and I knew that we’d get good results with them. What I didn’t know is that some of the lists were out-performing MY OWN MAILING LISTS that were created from those who bought my products and direct sign-ups to my own newsletters from my websites.

We just launched Co-op Lists a few weeks ago, but I was curious as to how well the open rates would be. I suspected that we could get about 25% tops. And before you think 25% is bad, it’s not! 25% is insanely good for co-reg. In fact, a 25% open rate for your normal e-mail list is good.

To be honest, many of my normal lists get around a 33% open rate depending on the offer (some more, some less). This is to be expected. Not everyone is interested in a particular offer, and not everyone will take the time to read one of my e-mails.

For Co-op Lists, I was hoping for a 25% open rate, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed as long as it was over 10% (again, for co-reg leads, this isn’t bad). To my astonishment, many of the lists had an open rate of around 50%!

And it wasn’t just one or two lists — it was several of the lists. Others had a 40% open rate (and others had over 50%), but overall, all of the lists outperformed my own high expectations for them.

This completely made me re-think co-reg leads. I mean, I know I’ve used them myself before and got decent results, but I spent much more time making sure that the ads for Co-op Lists were good (I wanted Co-op Lists to rock — I spent much more time on that than my own campaigns).

I know I had a respect for these leads to begin with, but this is making me look at it even more. All I have to say is that it’s too bad there are so many crap co-reg services and myths out there!