One of the Easiest Paths to JV Success and Making Money Online

Many of you probably know that perhaps the hardest part about making money online isn’t coming up with a good product, sales copy, or website graphics … it’s getting JV partners, forming business relationships, and all about getting the people who can help you make more money to actually help you.

Well, I’m about to share with you one of the biggest tips I have that have led to a lot of my own online successes.

Too many people go about forming business partnerships the wrong way (whether you’re looking for more JV partners to promote your own stuff or finding the right partners who can help bring your idea to life). They’ll only focus on what OTHERS can do for them. The key is to also focus on what YOU can do for OTHERS.

I’ll say that once more. Before you go trying to see what others can do for you, try to see what you can do for them.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a huge list, no marketing experience, etc.. If you can offer something that makes their lives easier, brings them the potential for more money, or helps them in any other way, you’ll stand out and will be much more likely to be considered.

If you just go up to them, ask them to promote your product or partner with you without laying out how you can REALLY help them, you’ll probably never be able to land a good partnership.

And let’s be realistic with ourselves here too — you don’t want to offer them something that you realistically can’t do. I’ve seen complete newcomers talk about how if a big name JV’s with them, the big name will benefit by making soooooooo much money from them.

Let’s get real. They can make money off of any product they promote. How are you different?

Or I’ll see people wanting to partner up on a project, but the only thing they’ll bring to the table is an idea. Let’s get real again. Am I or anyone else going to want to waste time, money, etc. on something and share the profit with you if all you do is come up with an idea?

Give them a product instead of just an idea, offer to do the manual labor, etc. and you’ll surely get MUCH more attention and be much more likely to land a successful business partnership.

So change your thinking to reflect this and start making some serious dough.