Robot Author — World’s First and Only Artificial Intelligence to Research and Write Unique , Quality Content from Scratch

Robot Author is truly a one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence tool that can research and write unique, quality content from scratch.  It’s a patent pending piece of technology that we had to do several big breakthroughs to master.

Even just teaching a robot to “learn” without copying anything is a tough task.  It’s easy for a human to read some related content and write a unique piece, but the laws don’t allow a “robot” to memorize anything even for a second.  As such, we had to do some very clever and proprietary, patent-pending steps to achieve not only that, but to get it to write unique, quality content that content providers, bloggers, students, media outlets, and businesses would be proud of.

Another unique part of Robot Author is that the AI is designed to adapt easily over time to get better and better with more and more topics, as well as do a variety of different writing styles like articles, e-books, blog posts, reviews, etc..  It’s very exciting stuff, and our team is on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence.  And we’re excited to see where Robot Author can go from here as we continue to improve upon it as time goes on.