Domain Lead Pro – Get Brand New Business and Domain Leads Even Within the Last 24 Hours Instantly

Domain Lead Pro is a revolutionary lead generation tool that helps you get new leads from new domain owners even from the same day!  You can search for new domain owners just in the last day, the last week, or the last month.  You’ll get their name, website / URL, owner’s name, phone number, physical mailing address, etc. all within seconds.

You can then e-mail the leads through the software, which integrates with almost any e-mail program (including free ones like Gmail) easily, or you can export the leads to follow up on with any system you choose.

Whether you e-mail, call, or do direct mail, this is an invaluable resource to get fresh, new domain / business owners before everyone else reaches them.  You’ll be the first person they hear from!

Other places that sell “new leads” often charge not only very high per lead costs, but quite often the leads are way outdated (by a few years) and not useful any more.  Not with Domain Lead Pro, as we only get the freshest of the fresh leads that we verify then and there to make sure that they’re legit.

Currently there’s a webinar replay up where you can view Domain Lead Pro in action.  There’s a special bundle deal as well going on (we’ll update this page when it’s not going on and delete this part from this page when so), which you can check out below.