SEO and Traffic Services

Brian Koz has specialized in SEO and traffic tactics for over a decade.  He’s spoken around the world on the topic and shared the stage with guys like Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, Lord Sugar, etc..  He’s helped countless businesses get better rankings, more traffic, more leads, and more sales as a result.

Unlike generic SEO guys who often use tactics from 5 to 10 years ago, Brian uses only the latest methods … many of which he can see in real time from being a founder of WebFire and getting real data from thousands of sites … which results in his clients’ sites getting ranked ethically without any shady tactics.

Brian has helped everyone from small businesses like a local tennis shop to medium businesses like a luxury home building and remodeling agency to large businesses like an arthritis drug firm.  He spots the issues not only with how to rank them for their preferred keywords better, but also how to identify their ideal target prospect and rank better for the terms that their more valuable prospects are searching for (which most businesses often times completely overlook).

He doesn’t take on many SEO and traffic clients because of the work involved, but he’s open to the right ones that he can help.  If you think you might be one of those, you can reach him at